About Us

Babbles allows users to communicate without providing or disclosing their identities by posting content for public viewing.

Most content on Babbles is posted publicly, so the public, including law enforcement, can view it at any time.

Babbles is unlike other services because Babbles users do not register for unique accounts (or generate handles) and do not generally provide to Babbles (Aureans) their names, email addresses or similar identifying information.

Babbles does ask users to identify themselves using their phone numbers at the time of activating the services.

Babbles, being anonymous in nature does not need to have the user handles, user names, email addresses, physical addresses and/or payment accounts. Babbles assigns a unique picture to a user for each thread just to make sure that identity of that person remains intact for that thread. It changes for next thread to protect the identity/ location of the user.

Babbles does not allow users to edit or delete their content and stores the information all the time even though it may not be visible depending on timeline when a content was posted. The location coordinates are stored from where the content is published but for public domain, Babbles show only the town/city name in accordance with its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

IP Address is not being captured for the devices that are used to post the content.